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2018 Kick-Off Forum


The word power evokes a reaction from each of us - even when spelled with all lower case letters.  For some people, it is an exciting word that electrifies the soul.  For others, it is a frightening word that evokes fear and timidity.  For many Christian women in the workplace, it is a confusing word that leaves us wondering if its okay with God that we have or dare we say, pursue power.  We are desperately uncomfortable with the topic as we attempt to live out our faith at work.  We say things like, “I seek to have influence, not power.”  We downplay the power we have in jobs and in our personal lives. We prefer to use words like empower because somehow that softens the idea and feels a little more “appropriate” as a Christian woman.  Yet we all see injustice that requires some level of power to break through and speak up, do the right thing, and help others.  What do we do in those situations?  Women have risen and continue to rise to positions of power in government, business, and community leadership.  Women have more rights in America today than ever, yet media stories about gaps in equality and harassment abound. 
What’s going on?  We need to understand power and what the Bible teaches us about it.  We know that we are called to be leaders who bring light into darkness and reflect the image of God.  The time has come for us to embrace our God-given power and use it for the greater good. This is exactly what we’ll be talking about this year at J4 Leaders.
Don’t come if you want to hear a speaker talk about a sweet topic and leave feeling comfortable.  But if you’re ready to actively engage in discussions about power, what the Bible says about it, how we should use it in the workplace and beyond, then join us!  This isn’t your “Mother’s ministry program”…this is real world, hard topics, tough conversations, interactive programming that will challenge your thinking, expand your understanding, and deepen your walk with Christ as the ultimate power source and authority.

Tuesday, February 6th (6:00-7:30 PM)
Registration/networking starts at 5:30

First Presbyterian Church of Orlando
106 E. Church St, Orlando, FL 32801
Edington Ministry Center, 3rd Floor
Sterchi Conference Room

Parking garage is on the corner of Jackson/Rosalind & remember to bring parking ticket in for validation.

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