"Winning with Words of Wisdom"

Christine Stewart was our June encourager, on the topic of ‘Winning With Words Of Wisdom’ and the need to focus on the strategic choice of our words. Many of the women we talked to in developing this year’s theme of Spirit-Led Self Control talked about their need to exercise better control in the words they chose to speak. They want to have a meaningful impact on all of those that they work with, to better use their influence. We also talked about keeping conversations – as much as possible – face-to-face rather than using emails or texts.

Christine expressed the importance of knowing that “Perception is Reality”. Knowing what you think you are doing V.S. how others perceive it. You actions speak louder than your words, but they both need to match. We need to practice the meaning of our intentions. We need to be open about getting feedback from others, both positive and negative. Feedback is a gift and we need to own it. Be your authentic self.

Challenge: Try to ask more questions and make less statements. (This can be hard because we are conditioned to know all of the answers.) Reserve the right to be wrong sometimes.