Slowing Down for the Christmas Season

By Claire Fournier, J4 Board Member and Chief Strategic Partnership Officer, Orlando Health Physician Group Administration

Scripture: Ecclesiastes 3 – A Season for EverythingWith 80 degree days lately, many times it is hard to feel in the Christmas spirit until we visit a retail store. From Black Friday on, the push to boost fourth quarter profits have converted Christmas into a busy, stress filled “holiday” season. So this year, I’m trying an experiment in my own Christian journey. My goal is to do something loving and thoughtful for someone each day until Christmas Day. 

My “gifts” this year have been less about shopping, wrapping or buying. It will be about showing the love of Christ to others during what can be a painful season. And the prime place that I’ve found great need and opportunity is in my workplace. Gifts have been a loving phone call, an unexpected card of encouragement or sharing a meal together. So far, I’m certain those receiving these gifts will long remember feeling the love of Christ more than any store bought gift. And it is an opportunity to show Christ’s love in a workplace where many times we are not always comfortable sharing our faith. 

The Bible reminds us there are many seasons in our lives. And that includes a time to mourn and a time to dance. For many experiencing grief and loss, the holidays may be a difficult time. What an opportunity we have to provide a glimmer of hope and joy in other’s lives. And providing that hope can be from even small gifts of random act of kindness. And the unexpected by product from giving gifts of ourselves, is that we experience peace and joy that surpasses all understanding.  What else should expect from the Prince of Peace?   

Wishing everyone a blessed Christmas season full of opportunity to love and serve others with our unique gifts.