October Forum Recap: Angie Winn on Stepping Out of Our Comfort Zone

What is a great disciple? And how do you become one? Great disciples share some key characteristics, each of which can be learned and applied in all areas of your life.

As J4 Leaders live and lead for Christ in the marketplace, it’s critical that they continually focus on their own discipleship.

This year we are exploring some of the key characteristics of discipleship and how it applies to our work life.

Each month encouragers will share their personal stories of how they have developed themselves, and what J4 Leaders should aspire to as disciples in the marketplace.

This month’s encourager, Angie Winn, Director of Leadership and organizational Development at Desire Street Ministries, explored how J4 Leaders Aspire To . .  .  Go Where It's Uncomfortable (Step Out of Their Comfort Zone).

For Angie, every step along her journey has required her to step out of her comfort zone.  As Angie put it, “I am a pilgrim on a journey, limping at times – cheering at others. But one things is certain, her every step was led by the Lord. And in the process, Angie learned how to let go of the things she felt were important to make room for the things that were important to the Lord.

Angie shared how she was called out of her comfort zone during her experience as a juror on a trial that found a young man from an impoverished neighborhood guilty of murder.

Angie mapped out her journey in 8 segments: Preparation, Sight, The Adventure, Equipping, The Desert, Discerning, The Path, and Perseverance. With each step the Lord called her deeper into dependence on him and further away from her own personal comforts.

In closing, Angie left us with the following key insight. If you don’t make the treacherous trek up the mountain, you’ll never see the majestic things God wants to do.

About Angie

Since her days of high-school, Angie Winn has had a passion to help people and organizations thrive. Over 17 years, Angie has been able to live out this passion in a corporate context through her work as Vice-President of Leadership & Organizational Development at CNL Financial Group, and at the Forum Corporation. Both of these companies have given her the opportunity to ensure the leadership and talent were equipped to perform at their highest potential through launching performance management systems, facilitating leadership coaching, training, and strategic planning sessions, and working with teams to improve their effectiveness.

During a 2005 experience as a juror on a case where a young man from an impoverished neighborhood in Orlando was convicted of murder, Angie’s life took a major turn.  A vision was planted in Angie’s heart to help transform struggling communities. A few months after this experience and as an aside to her corporate job, she managed a research project titled Seeking the Welfare of the City, for which she led a team of research students from Reformed Theological Seminary to conduct a needs analysis of Central Florida by identifying indicators of community health and distress, researching the neighborhoods against those indicators, and gathering best practices of community development. The research led to Angie co-founding the Polis Institute, whose purpose is to improve community health through Asset-Based Community Development training.  Polis launched a curriculum called Dignity Serves, which is now used nationally and focuses on serving with long-term impacts and employing asset-based approaches in communities.  She also joined the board of Leadership Foundations, which is a global non-profit working across cities to promote transformation on behalf of the vulnerable.

In October 2012, Angie left CNL to pursue her passion to develop leaders giving their lives to people living on the margins.  Angie joined Desire Street Ministries as the Director of Leadership and Organizational Development. Here, she walks alongside DSM’s partners by providing assessments, coaching, and overall programs to help DSM partners and their ministries thrive. She continues to consult through Winn Executive Development for both for-profit and non-profit organizations. She facilitates strategic planning sessions, redesigns organizational structures, diagnoses and helps teams with their effectiveness, and coaches leaders. She facilitates a multitude of workshops, including Crucial Conversations, Emotional Intelligence, Managing for Performance, and the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team.

Angie holds a Master’s of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Central Florida, and a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from the University of Florida. She is also a Master Certified Coach from the Behavioral Institute of New York, and certified in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Kolbe Assessment, and Emotional Competency Inventory assessment. Angie and her husband, Jeff, live in Windermere have two young boys and a rescue dog named Fenway. She and her family serve and worship at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in Windermere, FL.