"Loving Your Neighbor Generously"

Candice Blomeley

At our October Forum, Candice Blomeley was our encourager and shared on "Loving Your Neighbor Generously".

When you think about being Generous, what is your greatest fear? Rejection? Being taken advantage of? Not doing enough? Looking stupid? Insulting the recipient? Will it make a difference? Failure? These are things all of us fear at one time or another when considering being generous, especially to a stranger.  If you obey God's instructions for you to be generous, you will often find that you are in fact an answer to someones prayer.

Sharing - To give a piece of the pie to someone VS Generosity - Giving out of abundance or excess that you have.

When you feel that God is prompting you to give:

Face FEAR: 1. Is it from God? 2. Is it enough? 3. Answer Yes or No4. Is it worth making a mistake?

When the Lord prompts you to do something, do not give into your fears. Be the answer to prayer.