"Love Like Jesus"

Anne Taylor

At our June 6th Forum, Anne Taylor shared with us about how to "Love Like Jesus" . . . 

I’ve learned that in order to love like Jesus we must believe we are loved.
Do you seriously believe Jesus loves you more than anything else and created you to be the person you are – right now at this very moment?
There are always people who like to tell us we’re not worthy of God’s love and sometimes the loudest voice is from inside our own head. We are all good at dwelling on the negative in our lives we’re also pretty good at putting Pintrest pressure on ourselves. Not being clever enough, smart enough, organized enough, pretty, skinny, rich enough, you –fill-in –the-blank-enough!
But when we love like Jesus we don’t have to be enough – because he is enough!
One of the most important keys to loving like Jesus loves is to believe Jesus really loves you! No matter what he is cheering you on, pursuing you as his beloved daughter, and drawing you into his arms.  
When you have the love of Jesus in your heart you can let that love spill over into every relationships and encounters you have each and every day. This is where loving like Jesus has to start – by accepting his love and allowing it to wash over us each and every day. 

Go forth and love like Jesus - we need more cheerleaders and encouragers in this world!