"Love is Hard - Love Your Enemies"

Claire Fournier

Claire Fournier shared with J4 May Forum attendees her recent career change journey. Bolstered by peace from the Holy Spirit, Claire walked through her painful emotional journey leading to ultimate GRACE and acceptance. Though not part of our plan, sometimes sudden life changes can become the beginning of a growth season in our lives. Transparent of the ups and downs of the journey after hearing the 5 dreaded words in corporate America today, “your role has been eliminated”, Claire shared how her faith taught her a new life skill of truly living in the present.
Here is an excerpt from her speech:
"It took time to heal but God’s joy and love continue to fill my heart and lift me past what I now consider a normal life event and thankful growing season. While I hope to never experience those 5 words again, I now realize there is a Claire beyond the workplace. She is someone guided by faith, abundantly blessed with devoted friends and family who had the “gift” of time off to reset life priorities. I am so thrilled about what lies ahead because I am certain God does not make mistakes, he has a new path for me and I can’t wait to see what he has in store."