2018 Kick-Off: "Power-filled daughters of the King"

Lisa Schultz

This week at J4 Leaders our founder and Chief Encouragement Officer, Lisa Schultz facilitated a dynamic discussion around the topic of power as we launched our 2018 theme: Power-filled daughters of the King. During our time together we explored types of power displayed in the workplace, how it manifests itself positively and negatively, and what the Bible says about power.  We reviewed examples of God’s power displayed in scripture and gleaned practical application for our own leadership roles. 

We had fun emulating “power poses” while recognizing that what matters most is our spiritual posture before the Lord.  We acknowledged that our access to power is through our relationships with Christ and that he intends for us to use it with wisdom and for the greater good.

If you missed the forum, rest in the blessed assurance that you are a beloved daughter of the ultimate power source - the King of the Universe!  So straighten your crowns and use your power in a way that glorifies our Father.